Detention - Suheib M. (17)

03:00 Mar 19 2013 Jenin Refugee Camp, Jenin, West Bank

Suheib M., 17, was arrested at night on charges of Islamic Jihad membership and plotting a suicide bombing.

Around 3:00 a.m., Israeli soldiers entered Suheib’s home, ill-treating his sister (7) and mother. Without providing charges, soldiers kicked and hit Suheib, forcing him to walk approximately 400 meters (437 yd.). An officer threatened sexual assault if he failed to confess.

Suheib was bound, blindfolded and forced onto a jeep’s floor and transported to Al Jalame Military Camp with another youth. He was detained in a trailer until about 8:00 a.m. and repeatedly beaten. Suheib recalls one soldier telling a girl about him on his mobile phone: “He beat me so she could hear it [ . .and . . ] took pictures.”

Subsequently, Suheib was interrogated at Al Jalame Interrogation and Detention Center—one session lasting 8 consecutive hours—without the presence of a lawyer / family member or explanation of rights. The interrogator asked Suheib to log into Facebook, then read private conversations. The interrogator also confronted him with details from two friends’ confessions. Suheib states, “I had to confess because he slapped me whenever I said I would not.”

He was held in solitary confinement for three days (including cell 1). After partial confession, jailers moved Suheib into a cell with informants. Trusting them, Suheib signed an incriminating statement which was later presented to him during interrogation.

He first appeared before a judge on his third day at Al Jalame. On 3 April, Suheib was transferred to Megiddo Prison.
Additional Data
Type of Case: Detained
Name: Suheib M.
Age: 17
Incident Date: Mar 17 2013
Type of Violation (Detention): Night arrest,Ill-treatment,Torture,Solitary Confinement,Coerced confession,Unlawful transfer
Solitary Confinement Location (Detention): Al-Jalame/Kishon
Unlawful Transfer Location (Detention): Megiddo,Al-Jalame

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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