Detention - Yousef D. (14)

14:00 May 20 2014 Old City, East Jerusalem

Yousef D., 14, was detained on the accusation of throwing stones and other possible charges.

Around 2:00 p.m., Yousef learned that Israeli soldiers had stormed his grandmother’s house while he was at a barbershop, arresting his cousin (13) and leaving a summons for him. Yousef’s uncle soon arrived to take him to Al Qasleh Police Station. A policeman brought Yousef inside the station, without his uncle. In the policeman’s presence, a lawyer informed Yousef of his rights, including his right to have a family member present during interrogation. Yousef reports that after about three minutes, the policeman instructed the lawyer: “That's enough for now. Your time's up.”

Yousef was detained in a room for two hours with his cousin, then interrogated by two separate interrogators without the presence of a lawyer or family member. During the first session, he remained silent for one hour, citing his right to be questioned in the presence of a family member. Yousef was accused of throwing stones and leading a cell. When he refused to confess, the interrogator threatened to add “obstruction of justice” to the charges. Yousef was also slapped and kicked during interrogation.

He was detained for two days at Al Mascobiyya Interrogation and Detention Center, where he was briefly blindfolded, dragged by his handcuffs and strip searched. He first appeared before a judge in Magistrates Court on 21 May and was released the following day on a 5-day house arrest sentence.
Additional Data
Type of Case: Detained
Name: Yousef D.
Age: 14
Incident Date: May 20 2014
Type of Violation (Detention): Ill-treatment,Torture

Credibility: UP DOWN 1

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