Detention - Mahmoud B. (17)

02:00 May 27 2014 Ya'bad, Jenin, West Bank

Mahmoud B., 17, was arrested on charges of throwing stones and Molotov cocktails.

Around 2:00 a.m., Israeli soldiers stormed Mahmoud’s house, arresting him without stating charges. Soldiers bound and blindfolded Mahmoud inside his family’s warehouse, then placed him in a military jeep. After approximately three hours—including multiple stops—the jeep stopped at a military camp where he was detained until sunrise with his cousin (Nour B., Ref. 16N14057 ).

Mahmoud and Nour were then detained in another military camp without food or water, and subsequently transferred to Megiddo.

On 28 May, Mahmoud was interrogated while bound and shackled at Salem Interrogation and Detention Center. Interrogation also took place without the presence of a lawyer, family member, or any explanation of his rights. He was accused of throwing Molotov cocktails, stones and home-made grenades as well as membership in an illegal organization. Mahmoud was physically assaulted and threatened with sexual assault and solitary confinement during four hours of interrogation.: “He was shouting at me and throwing things at me, such as pens and notebooks [ . . ] he approached me, grabbed me by my shirt, pulled me hard towards him and shouted, ‘I'm going to put my c**k in your ass if you don't confess.’ And he slapped me hard.” Mahmoud confessed to throwing stones and Molotov cocktails, denying other accusations.”

He first appeared before a judge in Salem Military Court on 29 May and on 2 June, his detention was extended until the end of the legal proceedings.
Additional Data
Type of Case: Detained
Name: Mahmoud B.
Age: 17
Incident Date: May 27 2014
Type of Violation (Detention): Night arrest,Ill-treatment,Torture,Coerced confession,Unlawful transfer
Unlawful Transfer Location (Detention): Megiddo

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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