Detention - Ayham M. (16)

22:00 Feb 26 2014 Osarin, Nablus, West Bank

Ayham M., 16, was arrested on charges of throwing stones.

At 10 p.m., Ayham was with two friends on his way to watch a soccer game when two Israeli soldiers approached them. The soldiers pointed their rifles at the boys, marched them to a nearby jeep, arresting them without stating charges.

At a military camp, Ayham was bound, and detained on the ground outside in cold conditions until 7 a.m. without food or water. At 9 a.m. the following morning he was transported to to Ariel police station where Ayham was interrogated without the presence of a lawyer, family member, nor any explanation of his rights. The interrogator denied him food, water and access to a bathroom despite Ayham’s requests.

During interrogation, the interrogator threatened Ayham: “‘If you don't confess, I'll break your bones and lock you up in a cell for a long time without any food or water and you would starve to death,’ he shouted. I was scared of him.”

After forty minutes, Ayham confessed to stone-throwing on two occasions. Ayham recalls “begging” to use the bathroom but was not permitted to until 8 p.m., at Huwara IDC, when he was also offered food for the first time. Subsequently, he was transferred to Megiddo prison.

Ayham appeared before Salem Military Court for the first time on 2 March. At a later court appearance on 6 March he was knocked down and pushed by soldiers when his mother tried to kiss him.
Additional Data
Type of Case: Detained
Name: Ayham M.
Age: 16
Incident Date: Feb 26 2014
Type of Violation (Detention): Ill-treatment,Coerced confession,Unlawful transfer
Unlawful Transfer Location (Detention): Megiddo

Credibility: UP DOWN 0

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